Our Services

We clean, we repair, and we sale quality as well as new and modern carpets. Our carpets are very unique and unusual. We don’t carry most of these new carpets that are mass produced. We specialize in unique, rare and antique pieces. The way to restore a carpet is very simple for us because we try to keep the integrity of the carpet. The quality of the wool is very important to match it perfectly.

If you are looking for something unique and you want to get a really good deal and also somebody to teach you what you are getting, you can come to our gallery and hopefully we can find the piece you are looking for, something that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Our Manual Services Include:

  • Patching
  • Loop Installation For Walls
  • Rod Looping
  • Edge Reinforcements
  • Edge Warp Hand-Serging
  • Re-Knotting
  • Hand Binding
  • Overcasting: Prevents Unraveling in Rugs
  • Loop Pile- Rod Removal
  • Hand Sticking of Cuts and Tears
    Hand Dying Experts
  • Internal Rubber Pad Installation
  • Hand Shearing
  • Fringe Replacement and Adding

Restoration Services:

  • Rug bindery / borders restoration
  • Rug smoke damage restoration
  • Rug water damage restoration
  • Rug mold and mildew treating
  • Rug insect damage restoration
  • Rug tobacco damage
  • Rug stain removal Services (Red Wine, Pet, etc)
  • Dry rot repair
  • Rug Color Management
    • Rug etching and corrosion restoration
    • Rug dying restoration
    • Rug brightening restoration
    • Rug highlighting restoration
    • Rug tea staining fringe restoration
    • Rug design recreation
    • Rug color bleeding correction
    • Rug weft and worn color restoration
    • Rug tea staining fringe restoration

Areas of Service Include: Click Here